Dry Film Lubricants

Civil Aircraft

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When performance matters, Sandstrom is the coating trusted by more engineers for superior lubrication and corrosion protection.

Sandstrom Coating Technologies provides QPL lubricants for all of your MIL-SPEC and Aerospace requirements. We offer the latest technology in waterborne and lead-free products.


Sandstrom also has commercial dry film lubricants to fit a variety of performance needs.

Heat & Corrosion Resistant Coatings

What is Burnishing, or why is the surface of SFLs marred so easily? (read more)
Burnishing is characteristic of cured solid film lubricants. Military specification solid film lubricants are performance - not cosmetic - coatings. The cured film of a solid film lubricant can be expected to have a relatively soft surface that contains the lubricating pigments that allow the dried film to carry a load or provide a long-lasting wear surface. The polished or burnished look is normal and, once the parts are in service, is to be expected. The resin binders provide the chemical resistance, while the pigmentation is still at the surface of the cured film and provides corrosion protection and lubricating performance. The heat-cured versions of solid film lubricants provide a more chemically-resistant film.

The following is a rewording of the qualification requirement sections of the Army and Navy specifications.

MIL-PRF-46147 Film adhesion. Test panels prepared per, shall be tested IAW ASTM D2510, Procedure A to verify that no bare metal surface is exposed (see 3.4.1). A uniform deposit of powdery material clinging to the removed test tape shall not be considered a failure.


3.4 Film adhesion. A bare metal surface shall not be exposed after lifting the tape when tested as specified in 4.5. A uniform deposit of powdery material clinging to the tape shall be considered acceptable.


3.4.1 Film adhesion. The bonded solid film lubricant, when tested as specified in 4.6, shall not be lifted to expose any bare metal surface. A uniform deposit of powdery material clinging to the tape shall not be objectionable.