Other Coatings

Sandstrom has a long and proud history of providing solutions to coating challenges in a variety of industries. Throughout the years we have crafted custom coatings for the following applications:

Maintenance LUBRICANTS

CP-LUBE (Poxylube® CP200) is an all-purpose maintenance lubricant. It dries quickly and bonds to most substrates with minimal preparation. It can be used on hinges, latches, pins, levers, locks, etc.

Additionally, CP-LUBE (Poxylube® CP200) cleans with special solvents before it lubricates. Because CP-LUBE (Poxylube® CP200) contains no oils or petroleum products, it won't attract dirt and dust buildup.

Sandstrom CP-LUBE (Poxylube CP-200) is approved for use on Medeco locks.

Flooring and Non-Skid Coatings

empty tennis court
Several mainstays from our early history continue to be in high demand today:

Tuf-Trac® - Originally designed over 40 years ago as a tennis court coating, Tuf-Trac® is also used on pool decks, walkways, bike paths, steps, ramps, and amusement park recreational areas to create a safe, non-slip surface. Tuf-Trac® can be used on new or existing surfaces. Long-lasting colors and easy application makes Tuf-Trac® the right product for recreational departments.

Tuf-Trac® Oncrete Primer is an acrylic coating that promotes the adhesion of Tuf-Trac® to concrete and smooth surfaces.

Tuf-Trac® Line Striping provides excellent exterior durability, resists cracking, and is texturized to prevent slipping in areas of high activity.

Glazon® Satin Plus - The ideal coating for industrial and commercial floors subject to forklift and other heavy industrial traffic, Glazon® Satin Plus maintains its appearance and luster longer than other epoxies. Glazon® Satin Plus is an integral part of the Glazon® Floor System, offering a unique, attractive satin finish, long life, and good light reflectance.

Perm-Epox HT - Resisting many chemicals, Perm-Epox HT is designed to repair and protect floors in warehouses and other locations where potential spills and traffic loads can damage unprotected floors. Whether steel or concrete, interior or exterior, Perm-Epox HT delivers the quality resurfacing system needed. Improve adhesion of Perm-Epox by priming the surface with Bond 'N' Seal

Legacy Formulas

EMI/RFI Shielding (Silver Lining) Sold exclusively through McMaster-Carr. Product ID# 77075T37
Sound Deadener
Seam Sealers
Crack-Attack Ratio Pak