Joe Menke began his career at the Rock Island Arsenal in 1966. During his time there he was the chief corrosion control chemist at the US Army Armament Research, Development & Engineering Center (ARDEC). After 50 years at the Arsenal, Joe decided it was time to retire in August of 2016.

Having completed his initial retirement mission of travelling with his wife, Joe settled down into his new routine and quickly became restless. Boredom, combined with a passion for his life’s work and his wife’s prodding to get him back out of the house, has given Sandstrom the opportunity to acquire Joe’s expertise as a consultant for surface pretreatments, coatings and corrosion control.

We are excited to have Joe on board for our own learning opportunities as well as the many benefits he will bring to our customers. With 50 plus years of experience, 30 published papers, 3 treatment process patents and numerous professional affiliations, Joe’s in-depth knowledge is a valuable asset for Sandstrom and its network.