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Some coatings manufacturers are content to just sell. We work with you to make sure you’re always getting the performance level you need. At Sandstrom, you’ll find the long-term, durable coatings you need for exceptional UV light resistance. Want proof? Our scoreboard coating is used by the largest scoreboard company in North America and another coating is specified for the Bay Area Rapid Transportation (BART) in California. Extreme lacquers. Waterborne acrylic enamels. Primers. You name it, we can deliver—both the product you need and meticulous attention to your unique challenges.

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Exterior Use OEM Products

Sancryl 520 is a high performance lacquer designed for maximum exterior life. Sancryl® 520 maintains it’s gloss longer than most Urethanes and competitive lacquers, making it an excellent choice for critical applications.


Aqua-Poxy 914 is a two-component, high performance epoxy primer designed for universal use over cleaned shot blasted steel, Galvalume®, aluminum, many plastics, and wood. AquaPoxy 914 prevents filiform corrosion over aluminum, galvanic corrosion over Galvalume® and galvanized steel, and is an excellent corrosion resistant primer for properly prepared steel. Sancryl acrylic coatings are recommended for use over AquaPoxy 914 primer for superior exterior performance.


The acrylic resin system in Glazon 542 cures to form a tough, durable film. Glazon 542 will not yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light. Upon curing, it develops high surface hardness and is tough enough to resist chipping and abrasion.


Sancryl 300 is a tough, durable acrylic enamel with excellent resistance to UV degradation.

This product is specified by BART.


Acrylic Enamel coating for use in either dip spin or spray applications.
Operating Range: -300°F to +400°F.
Tough Pencil Hardness: H.
Resilient, Glossy Finish.
Great for fasteners.


Silver Lining® is an all acrylic latex conductive coating designed for use as an EMI/RFI shield coating for computers electronic cabinets, structures, and as a reflective satellite dish coating.

*This product is sold in manufacturer batch size volumes only with a 5 gallon minimum order. Please contact our sales team at CS@SandstromProducts.com, to make inquiries.


Durable coating for rugged applications needing UV and Abrasion Resistance.
Taber Abrasion Loss: only 126 mg / 1000 cycles.
Operating Range: -300°F to +400°F.
Thin film with high coverage rate.
Tough Pencil Hardness: F.
Satin Acrylic Enamel.


Plexon is a surface protective coating for surfaces that are exposed to corrosive chemicals, UV light, impacts and abrasions. It acts to protect the metal substrate its applied to, in order to extend life with the urethane-based finish.


Non Exterior Use Only Products

A high performance 2 component water reducible urethane.


POXYLUBE 303 is a high performance 2 component water reducible urethane.


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For Exterior OEM Coatings

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