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From tennis courts and walkways to bike paths and ramps. Our Tuf-Trac® skid-resistant coatings line offers the features you’re looking for to keep surfaces safe, non-slip and great-looking.

From commercial floors to heavily used industrial floors. From steel to concrete and interior to exterior. Our Epoxy repair lines can fill joints, cracks, and level the highest industrial floor repair needs. Tell us about your unique application and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get just what you’re looking for.

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Tuf-Trac® is ready to use and formulated with a unique blend of acrylic polymers and lightfast pigments that protect and preserve asphalt, concrete, wood or primed metal surfaces in all climates, while providing extremely easy squeegee or roller application. Its vivid, permanent color transforms drab surfaces quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Tuf-Trac® provides an excellent decorative, skid resistant finish for concrete and asphalt surfaces.

STANDARD COLORS: Court Red / French Gray / Tennis Green


Tuf-Trac® Oncrete® Primer is an acrylic coating that promotes the adhesion of Tuf-Trac® skid-resistant coating to concrete and smooth surfaces. Oncrete® Primer is recommended as a primer coating for Tuf-Trac® skid-resistant coating.


Tuf-Trac® Line Striping is specially formulated for surfaces with Tuf-Trac®. It is compatible with other coating systems, as well as asphalt and conditioned concrete. Tuf-Trac® Line Striping creates sharp, bright lines that will not fade or peel, and its heavy body helps prevent “feathering” under the tape during application.


Bond ‘N’ Seal is a two-component, epoxy surface conditioner designed to ensure the adhesion and improve the trowel-ability of Sandstrom Perm-Epox™ resurfacers. The resins in Bond ‘N’ Seal penetrate deeply into concrete where they lock on tightly, creating a mechanical bond to the substrate, which results in a chemical link between it and the overlay. This “adhesion chain” tenaciously bonds Perm-Epox™ resurfacers to concrete and other substrates.


Crack-Attack® is an easy to use, long lasting epoxy joint repair and seam sealer compound. It is designed for use where maximum performance is required. Unlike latex or asphaltic crack fillers, Crack-Attack® is tough enough to withstand heavy vehicular traffic, heavy vibration and metal flexing. Product is applied with pneumatic two-component mixing gun that holds side-by-side Ratio-Pak cartridges.


Use Easy Clean to thoroughly cleanse the concrete floor or any oils or residue prior to application of a floor coating. It will promote much greater adhesion of the finish.


Use Easy Etch to acid etch the concrete floor after using Easy Clean to cleanse all oils and residue from the surface. The Easy Etch will provide an even greater working surface on which to apply the floor coating.


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