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Technical Support

Looking for a little help with product selection, performance expectations or application techniques? Sandstrom can provide the technical assistance that can help you succeed.

Sandstrom Coating Technologies Headquarters
PO Box 547
224 South Main Street
Port Byron, IL 61275 USA

Toll Free: 1.800.747.1084
Local: 309.523.2121
Fax: 309.230.9745

Quote requests or Orders: Customer Service
Technical Inquiries for Dry Film Lubricants: Mark Lousberg
Other Technical Inquiries: Russ Burt

Eastern US Sales Support:

Eric Berube, Email:
Phone: 508-331-8202

Western US Sales Support:

Automotive Sales & Central US Support:

Dave Lentz, Email:
Phone: 810-533-1406

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“Sandstrom’s 099 coating sprays so much better than other coatings that conforms to the MIL-PRF-46010 specification and is easy to work with being a waterborne coating”

Ron, South Bend, IN

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Ken, Phoenix, AZ

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Brian, San Jose, CA