Hearing comments directly from our customers themselves is much more convincing. Check out what these customers are saying about their experiences with Sandstrom.

“Sandstrom’s O99 coating sprays much better than other coatings that conforms to the MIL-PRF-46010 specification and is easy to work with being a waterborne coating.”

Ron, South Bend, IN

“In 2012 we were looking to add heat cured Solid Film Lubricants to our capabilities as a Dry Film Lubricants applicator. I contacted Sandstrom Products for a quote on material after viewing the Technical Data Sheet online. I was immediately contacted by Mark Lousberg and invited to an applicators workshop at their facility. The workshop ended up being an excellent introduction into the application of these Solid Film Lubricants, covering the history of product development with the military, surface preparation, application, testing, masking and more. Since that time, we have successfully added the application of Sandstrom Products Company’s coatings to our capabilities. Mark and Russ Burt have been extremely helpful in everything from the required equipment to get started, to product recommendations for my customers and application techniques for complicated components. Mark, Russ and the Sandstrom team were, and continue to be, an instrumental part of our success.”

Brian, San Jose, CA

“We have worked with Sandstrom Products for a little more than ten years. While their products are extraordinary, it is their customer service that makes them a premier vendor. Over the years we have asked them to do some things that other vendors wouldn’t even consider. Whether it is developing a completely new product or modifying an existing one to meet our customer demands they have stepped up every single time. The Sandstrom team is one of the most knowledgeable and responsive in all of our partnerships. We are proud of our relationship with Sandstrom and we are grateful for the past opportunities that we have had to work together and we are excited for the future ones. Many thanks to Mark and the Sandstrom Team.”

Ken, Phoenix, AZ