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The best way to learn about our toll production capabilities is to answer the questions we hear most often.

Do you have experience?

We have provided toll services since the 1960s for some of the largest coating and adhesive manufacturers in the world. We are able to provide service to multiple customers at nearly any capacity.

Can you give an example?

For two international coating companies, root formulas are given to Sandstrom, then based on orders, chemical raw materials and packaging are delivered to Sandstrom on behalf of that company, whom also provides formula specifications and all safety and technical data. We then process these materials in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality system as if the formula were our own. The finished goods are then packaged, labeled and shipped to the end customer. When requested, we provide reports to the coatings company on labor times, quality control and any other needed information.

How about tank capacities and other key capabilities?

Our manufacturing facility includes nearly 50,000 square feet and has tanks with capacities from 1-5,000 gallons, multi-speed mixers, various mills, as well as customized tanks and mixers to meet unique holding, blending and dispersing requirements.

Can you deliver where I need you to deliver?​

Our close proximity to major highway and air options make us a prime candidate for quick and easy transit to locations worldwide. And our shipping team is experienced in national and international shipments within US DOT, IATA/ICAO and IMDG regulations.

What else do you bring to the table?

In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, Sandstrom also has an onsite research and development lab. We can provide color matching, troubleshooting and formulation adjustments when necessary to increase efficiency and enhance formulation development.

If you’re interested in a toll production partnership, we’re ready to make it successful.

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