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Whether you need a coating that is conductive, electrostatic dissipative, or to shield from EFI/RFI, we’re ready to put our problem-solving mindset to work for you. Our experts can help you find the right product for your unique needs, helping you clear whatever application hurdles stand between you and success. Count on it.

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Silver Lining® is an all acrylic latex conductive coating designed for use as an EMI/RFI shield coating for computers electronic cabinets, structures, and as a reflective satellite dish coating.

*This product is sold in manufacturer batch size volumes only with a 5 gallon minimum order. Please contact our sales team at, to make inquiries.


Sandstrom #75C Conductive SFL is a paint-like coating containing graphite. This heat curing material provides excellent conductivity while exhibiting low friction properties. Once #75C has been cured, it is virtually unaffected by solvents, oils, degreasers, aviation fluids and water. Sandstrom #75C can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces by spraying or dipping.


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