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Not Your Typical PTFE Coating

We’re not new to the game of PTFE coatings, but we’ve got a new drive to get our superior product into the right hands. Our major PTFE coating, Poxylube® #859, has been proven for over a decade. But we didn’t stop there. Our Solutions Center continues to develop formulas to best fit the design needs that each application line, finished product inspection crew and performance engineer wants to see.

  • Need a rapid flash off for quicker application work? We have that.
  • Need higher temperature performance? We have that, too.
  • Want to recoat without blasting our Poxylube® #859? No problem.

The applications of our PTFE line of coatings is growing, and we want you to benefit from our genius formulations.

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A favorite in the weapons world for its low gloss finish, which shooters prefer.
Excellent Chemical and Mar Resistance AND Corrosion Protection: 2500+ hours Aluminum, 700 hours Steel, 150 hours Bare Steel.
Coefficient of Friction: 0.04 – 0.12 (color dependent).
Operating Range: -320°F to +500°F.
Waterborne, Low VOC.

Poxylube® #887 Dry Film Lubricant is a single component epoxy formulated with PTFE to provide coating, fluid resistance and corrosion protection. This heat cured material prevents corrosion, galling, seizing and fretting. Once Poxylube® #887 has been applied to a properly prepared surface and allowed to cure, it is virtually unaffected by atmospheric and fretting corrosion, solvents, acids, oils and degreasers. Poxylube® #887 can be applied to all metallic and nonmetallic surfaces by spray or dip application.


Durable coating for rugged applications needing UV and Abrasion Resistance.
Taber Abrasion Loss: only 126 mg / 1000 cycles.
Operating Range: -300°F to +400°F.
Thin film with high coverage rate.
Tough Pencil Hardness: F.
Satin Acrylic Enamel.


Addition of heat resistant resins offers lubricity for higher temperatures.
Continuous Operating Temperature Up to: 500°F.
Intermittent Temperature Up to: 600°F.
Mold Release Performance Properties.
Excellent Hardness.


Acrylic Enamel coating for use in either dip spin or spray applications.
Operating Range: -300°F to +400°F.
Tough Pencil Hardness: H.
Resilient, Glossy Finish.
Great for fasteners.


Unique blend of MoS2, PTFE and Corrosion Inhibiting Pigments for superb performance.
Superior Corrosion Protection: 1500 hrs Manganese Phos., 1000 hrs Zinc Phos.
Excellent Chemical and Fluid Resistance, including Skydrol and Brake Fluid.
Apply by Dip, or thinned form available for Spray application.
Proven over 30 years in the automotive industry.
Operating Range: -320°F to +500°F.
Great wear life: 60 – 100 min.


Adheres even if the substrate is damaged, as displayed on U.S. Navy dive equipment.
Great Corrosion Protection: 500 hours Steel*, 198 hours Iron Phosphate*.
Operating Range: -320°F to +400°F.
LOX Compatible.


POXYLUBE 303 is a high performance 2 component water reducible urethane.

Poxylube® #820 Dry Film Lubricant is a single component epoxy formulated with PTFE to provide excellent coating, fluid resistance and corrosion protection. This Air Drying material prevents corrosion, galling, seizing and fretting.


Sandstrom Poxylube® #835 is an environmentally safe coating to apply when VOC restrictions, part size or substrate composition prohibit the use of Sandstrom solvent-borne and/or heat-cured Poxylube® PTFE products.


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